Best of Care Concierge 24/7 Care Services at Home

We take a team approach to delivering 24/7 home care services. A core group of caregivers who understand their client’s needs and goals work 10-12 hour shifts to  ensure that your loved one receives consistent, effective her or his  family members. Regardless of our 24/7  clients’  needs, our aides will strike a balance between extreme vigilance and respectful privacy.

Best of Care’s  home health aides remain awake overnight to ensure that any transferring or ambulation is done in a safe and supervised fashion. Where necessary, the staff will turn and reposition the client according to a schedule determined by our registered nurses. This prevents skin breakdowns and improves circulation.By minimizing fall risks and monitoring clients who may wander due to cognitive impairment, we help them  remain in their homes.

During the day, our caregivers can assist clients with  activities of  daily living, including bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication reminders. They can also perform housekeeping tasks such as  laundry and light cleaning.

Any issue pertinent to the client’s care is documented in writing in a log brook in the client’s home. Caregivers will utilize the logbook to record notes about medication, food and liquid consumption, intake and output, and other general observations.