Payment Options

Home health care costs are typically much lower than fees at residential care facilities or nursing homes. We will coach you through your financial options when we take your initial call, to help you better understand your coverage and choices.

The services we provide can be paid for in the following ways:

  1. Best of Care works closely with State Funded Elder service providers and VNAs that offer state aid and benefits to qualifying candidates. Visit this web site to find Elder service providers in your area.
  2. We have a partnership with the Massachusetts Veterans Administration (VA), which provides subsidies to qualified veterans through their VA Home Care Program.
  3. If you have long-term care insurance, it can be used to pay for some home health services if you don’t qualify for a Massachusetts State Funded Elder services program. We have experience working with agents to help determine eligibility.
  4. Out-of-pocket private pay is another option if you want or need more home health care than what public or long-term care insurance plans cover.
  5. Best of Care accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.