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Become Part of The Best of Care Family

As a caregiver for Best of Care, you become part of our growing family. Because we understand that you have many commitments beyond your work, we offer flexible scheduling, competitive wages, and benefits.

What are the qualifications to become a Best of Care caregiver?

We hire, train and nurture the best caregivers. Our caregivers go through a comprehensive orientation program that is supplemented through our partner Care Academy’s on-demand online training and certification programs. It is done online, on your schedule, at no cost to you. They are taught ethical standards, how to report abuse or neglect, confidentiality, privacy matters and HIPPA compliance, safety measures and emergency protocols.

Fill out our Best of Care Job Application to apply today!

Services for Specific Conditions and Illnesses

Take your skills, knowledge and pay to the next level in a position with our life care management or move/transition management services. We’ll provide the hands-on experience as you earn.

Home Health Aide Positions (require professional certification)

Homemaker Positions (does not require certification)

Note: We prefer applicants with cars.



“The best thing that Best of Care did was work with us to find the best fit. They identified personalities that matched well with my mom. That was a huge comfort.”

Female Caregiver Worker smiling at the camera

Best of Care goes beyond matching a caregiver with the home care services a client needs. We look for a suitable personality match, staff foreign language assignments or assign a male aide when heavy lifting is required. And we guarantee our matchmaking abilities. If a client or their family is not comfortable with the fit, we will change your caregiver immediately.

“I actually spent Thanksgiving with my daughter, Mom, and Joyce. It was lovely. Joyce is an absolute perfect fit for Mom. I am absolutely shocked with how quickly Mom has warmed up to her. When we went around the table saying what we are thankful for, my mother's first response was that she was thankful for her new friend and helper. Blew me away. Joyce so very obviously knows what she is doing!!”

“We’re lucky that my mother and her caregiver live so close together. It’s a natural advantage because she has the ability to respond quickly to situations like my mother’s sudden hospitalization and return to home. She can be flexible with her hours, which is also helpful to us. She personally covers most of the weekends and supervises scheduling of other caregivers for the remaining time we need. I’m also pleased that I have a good working relationship with the owners of Best of Care.”

“We usually took care of the food shopping for our friend. One time we were going away for a two-week vacation and the Best of Care aide offered to do that for us. We trusted her with taking care of the money and the shopping. When we got back she had put all the receipts in an envelope along with the leftover cash. We hadn’t asked her to do that she did it on her own initiative.”

Our caregivers are tuned in to your needs, from the intake assessment to scheduling and delivering care. Best of Care aides are trained to recognize changes in behavior, vital signs and other conditions that warrant a change in the care plan. We will work with you to adapt the plan whenever necessary.

“I’m not sure who identified Best of Care for us, but they staffed the perfect home health aide. My aunt adored her and the other Best of Care staff. They were so reliable and dedicated. They are always willing to work with us, especially in the event our needs changed. They did extra things to make her more comfortable putting lotion on her legs because her skin was so dry, positioning her so she didn’t get sores they were really tuned into her needs.”

Our aides are certified and insured. They have the proper training and supervision needed to make you or your loved one feel safe at home. Every caregiver is thoroughly screened and has passed comprehensive state and federal background checks. We also verify educational and employment records. Our accreditation with the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts provides an added layer of security and peace of mind.

“I know Gran was also so very grateful for the love and attentiveness and humor you all brought to this most intimate and very difficult time. Really, there are no words to describe how people can come into your life for such short and intense times and yet have such a profound effect and influence on an event and on your memory. Thank you all so very, very much.”

“The team at Best of Care were incredibly helpful and gracious in the delivery and arrangement of care for my elderly friend. Even in the most challenging moments, the entire team worked cheerfully with me to ensure the safety and well-being of their client. When the going got tough, they were right there with me, seven days a week. If I should ever need home care in the South Shore again, Best of Care is the team I shall call!”

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