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CareAcademy Added for Training

“CareAcademy provides cutting-edge training for our caregivers that improves the consistency and quality of our clients’ home care experience,” – Kevin Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer, Best of Care

CareAcademy, a leading provider of online professional development, training and certification for professional caregivers, has been selected by Best of Care to train its workforce on abuse and neglect, infection control, OSHA and HIPAA compliance, specialized care and interpersonal skills. Best of Care is one of the most respected and highly rated private home care companies serving Greater Boston, Southeastern MA, and Cape Cod. To evaluate CareAcademy’s offering, Best of Care piloted CareAcademy from January 10, 2018, to April 13, 2018. The pilot yielded a 482% increase in training completion rates in just three months!

Best of Care offers twelve hours of training per year delivered on-site in three four-hour increments per year. During the pilot, Best of Care compared completion rates for their on-site training versus online training by CareAcademy to determine if completion rates and caregiver engagement would rise. Best of Care offered CareAcademy as an optional benefit to its caregivers, 66% of which opted in to receive training. Of the total caregivers that enrolled, 65% of Best of Care’s home health aides and 59% of homemakers completed their initial training, resulting in a 482% increase in completion rates as compared to 2017.

“Best of Care is a prime example of how agencies are exploring ways to transition from traditional training models to systems that can scale for growth and alleviate pressure points associated with high on-site training costs. Our online training platform is specifically built for the on-the-go user who needs flexibility and convenience as the foundation for improving their performance,” says Helen Adeosun, CEO of CareAcademy.

“Best of Care’s extraordinary pilot results shows just how effective mobile training platforms like CareAcademy can be in onboarding and upskilling caregivers from both the user and agency perspective.”

At the end of the pilot, Best of Care replaced their current training program with CareAcademy. CareAcademy will deliver the requisite twelve hours of training offered to all Best of Care caregivers and provide additional classes to build specialized skills for caregivers who want to advance their career or increase their knowledge in a certain area.

Kevin Smith, President, and Chief Operating Officer notes, “Quite simply, CareAcademy is at the forefront of on-demand caregiver education. There was an immediate synergy between Best of Care and CareAcademy. While in-person training will always be valuable to our caregivers, the opportunity to provide our home care aides with high- quality training materials that can be consumed at their convenience is a real difference-maker. Helen and her team understand that caregiving is a 24/7 industry and caregivers struggle to sacrifice scheduled work-time to complete educational requirements. CareAcademy has made our Human Resources team more efficient while offering our aides cutting-edge home training materials.”

Using the CareAcademy platform, caregivers can access training on-demand, year-round and Best of Care will be able to track caregiver progress and compliance from their agency dashboard with less administrative burden.

Helen Adeosun of Care Academy Chats with Radio Entrepreneurs

CareAcademy founder and CEO Helen Adeosun is passionate about caregiving and the impact that professional caregivers have with the families they serve. She recently chatted with Radio Entrepreneurs about the evolution of CareAcademy, which provides expert-developed online training for home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and caregivers. Hour-long video courses, which can be accessed on any mobile device, cover critical topics such as infection control, nutrition and meal preparation, dementia, fall prevention, and safe transfers.

As Best of Care’s online training platform of choice, CareAcademy allows the agency’s caregivers to upgrade their knowledge and skills on a flexible schedule that fits within their professional and personal commitments. Over the past two years, CareAcademy has served 20,000 caregivers at home care agencies nationwide. Learn more about how CareAcademy can help your home care agency at, follow on Twitter @careacademyco and Facebook


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